ADerL’s web service ‘DreamGiver’ reached 50,000 users

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Social Networking Sites leads the markering campaign

ADerL Inc President and CEO, Mr. Patrick Yuji Wakabayashi announced that their online raffle web service ‘DreamGiver’ reached 50,000 users on their site and on their Facebook fan page in March 2014.

“We are very happy with the turn-out of our membership registration and with the positive feedback we are getting from our users” said ADerL President and CEO Mr. Patrick Yuji Wakabayashi. “But what we are most happy about is that we are able to help several Filipinos by just creating a web service that will lead them to their dreams.”

Since the launch of DreamGiver on August 2013, several users which they call ‘Dreamers’ are continuously sharing and referring the website as it offers free online raffle with great deals and raffle promos such as smart phones, gadgets, cash prizes and gift checks. One of the features of the service is that majority of the users heard the news about DreamGiver from Facebook. “We did not expect that social networking sites will have a very positive effect on our marketing campaigns and we want to maximize this feature by providing marketing support service that will allow other companies reach their market throughout the Philippines.” said Krish Ayuso, ADerL’s research and market analyst.

The service is rated particular highly by companies expanding from Japan to the Philippines. A free trial campaign is currently underway, and companies with marketing requirements in the Philippines are invited to try the service.

“ADerL will continue to improve DreamGiver and include more site activities that our users will enjoy. We are looking forward to continuously increase our membership and clients by innovating our platform while helping rebuild the nation.” States Mr. Wakabayashi.


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