New Company ‘ADerL’ Launches Internet Prize Award Service with “DreamGiver”

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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese corporation United, Inc.

ADerL, Inc. (hereinafter: ADerL) announces the launch of “DreamGiver” (, an internet service in which users can win cash and prizes for free.

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“DreamGiver” is a free of charge prize award service. After registering as a member, users can subscribe using points collected by accepting advertisements via mail/SMS. Every month, three members will be drawn to win cash prize of 5,000 pesos, and one member will win cash prize of 15,000 pesos quarterly. There is no other free prize service like it in the Philippines (according ADerL’s research).

This monetization model is built around mail and SMS ads from advertisers. Parent company United, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Chairman & CEO: Tomonori Hayakawa; Stock Code: 2497; hereinafter United) has been operating “DreamMail” ( domestically in Japan since 1999, and has used their expertise to expand the service overseas.

Comments from President YuZiii Wakabayashi

I’m very excited about using the ad and media business experience and knowledge that I gained in Japan to launch “DreamGiver” in the Philippines, where I spent my childhood.

Despite the continued high economic growth rate in recent years in the Philippines, the real situation is that the gap between the rich and the poor is significant, and many residents continue to lead very difficult lives. I am finally able to take the first step towards my personal dream of ‘Giving hope to people and operating a useful business’.

Our immediate goal is to increase the number of our members and advertisers while adding useful content for consumers. In the future, our aim is to grow the service (platform) to the point that it becomes an indispensable product for the people of the Philippines.

* Profile
YuZiii Wakabayashigraduated from Aoyama Gakuin University School of Business in 2008 in Japan. He joined Interspire, Inc. that same year, and engaged in the mobile advertising business. After mergers with SPiRE, Inc. and United, Inc. he was appointed as President of ADerL in the Philippines in April 2013.

* Origin of the “DreamGiver” name
The name embodies the aspiration to be the ‘Giver’ of ‘Dreams’. DreamGiver wants to provide dreams and aspiration for the Filipino consumers.

DreamGiver’s Service Flow
1. Users register through the DreamGiver website.
2. Users bank points earned by receiving ads sent by mail or SMS and other activities.
3. Users then use the points earned to apply for prize draws.
4. Three users will win cash prize of 5,000 pesos monthly and one person will win 15,000 pesos every quarter.
* Other gift products are available, including daily necessities.
We are able to offer this service free of charge for users, as our main source of income is ad revenue through the advertiser’s mail and SMS ads.

ADerL, Inc.
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